"HSM has been a family to me from the first moment...and they are always ready and prepared to do whatever it takes to give me, to give us, the best opportunity to make our dreams come true!"


- Shawn Dawson

"Hazan Sports Management saved my basketball career. They are more than just an agency, they are a tight knit family organization who constantly put their clients first. Throughout the tenure of my career, I have crossed paths with many people in the basketball world. That being said, upon meeting the guys at HSM I learned that these guys care about me more than my career. They are honest, straight shooting guys who will work until the end for you, your family, and your friends. At the end of the day, basketball is a career and you will stop playing at some point or another, but these guys encourage a long term plan and have continued to motivate me to make wise business decisions that will stay with me my entire life. These guys keep it"


- Tony Mitchell

"For a long time, I could not stand agents. I felt like they would sugar-coat everything, and tell me what they thought I wanted to hear. I always preferred the brutal honest truth. With Dan and Andrew, they have been up front and honest from the start -- Something as a player I can really appreciate. They really do promote a family environment with their clients. Although young, both Dan and Andrew, show tremendous maturity and hunger in representing and marketing their clients en route to helping them get the most out of their careers both on and off the court." 

- Ty Nash

"HSM is the true definition of a family! I can’t thank Daniel and Andrew enough for everything they’ve done for me so far. Their support is unmatched. I don’t view them as agents, I see them as my brothers!"

- Jalen Ross

"Joining the HSM family was the best decision I made for my career. It's not always about just finding a job, it's also about being put in the perfect situation. Working with Daniel has been a blessing and I look forward to many more years of success under HSM!"

- Taurean Green

"They put their foot to the pedal and worked extremely hard. I’m grateful to them, I’m grateful to the Milwaukee Bucks and I’m just looking forward to the opportunity. Daniel and Andrew [Hoenig] and the rest of them are really hard workers. They’re young and they’re ready to work. Going with these guys, I knew I was going to get specific attention from them. They’ve been to all of my summer league games and that’s what I was really looking for, somebody that would give me the attention that I needed. 

I work hard every day and so do they."

-Elijah Millsap

"Great experience with HSM! The communication level is amazing when strategizing the best move for my career. Feels great to be apart of the family."

- Jaleel Roberts

"Since I signed with HSM I've regretted not having them earlier in my career. Daniel and Andrew make sure I feel right at home, and within weeks it felt like family. The quality of jobs I've been getting speak for themselves. They really want what's best for their clients. First time we spoke they explained that they were young and hungry and their work ethic shows nothing short of that!"


- Javier Carter 

"Having Daniel [Hazan, of Hazan Sports Management] to help me has been great.  I never had an agent for off-the-court matters [before], and looking back on my life, I wish I had an agent for that type of stuff. It would have made things a lot easier."


- Craig Hodges

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