At Hazan Sports Management, we support the interests of our clients in every aspect of their career. The goal of our marketing department is to create and maximize off-the-court opportunities for each client. On a day-to-day basis, we develop and negotiate deals in a variety of areas, including:





SUMMER CAMPS                            MEDIA APPEARANCES

CAR DEALS                                     PR OPPORTUNITIES




Based on our wide-ranging contacts and relationships with key executives throughout the advertising world, we have successfully developed and negotiated thousands of deals for our clients. 

An athlete's primary and most important source of income is his or her playing contract. As one of the largest growing and sports management firms, HSM leverages its vast resources, networks and experience to maximize opportunities for its clients. We have negotiated some of the largest and most lucrative contracts in NBA & European basketball. 

Moving to another country whether it is to North America, Europe or Asia is often a difficult transition and requires multi-level adjustments. HSM supports the athlete every step of the way – from obtaining necessary visas, securing housing to establishing day-to-day necessities. HSM's clients have access to the personalized assistance of our Concierge Services catering to their entertainment, travel, shopping and lifestyle needs.

HSM has a public relations department with a vast amount of PR experience and an extensive network of contacts. Our clients have been prominently featured in every major channel of print, television, radio, internet and emerging media, including:

The New York Times, USA Today,Sports 

Illustrated, ESPN, GQ, Esquire, 

Businessweekly, TV, Forbes,  Good Morning America, TheToday Show, Good Day NY, CNN,  Sirius XM, Huffington Post, Yahoo! and more.

Hazan Sports maintains an unwavering commitment to humanitarianism across its brand portfolio, working to advance social good globally and provide opportunities for vulnerable populations to succeed. Hazan Sports supports the expansion of clients’ philanthropic efforts through three key areas: full service management of their foundations, philanthropic advisement, and strategic, high-impact partnerships.

Hazan Sports Management is aligned with some of the top trainers across the country that 

will allow NBA Draft candidates to prepare themselves for the workout circuit with regular 

or extended programs. Our rigorous training regimen consists of our elite skills coaches, strength and conditioning trainers, nutritionists and media trainers We collaborate with these experienced professionals to give the player a detailed plan that focuses on specific areas of need. Most importantly, our agency has one of the best reputations among NBA executives for integrity and dependability. As a result, we are privy to invaluable insight that allows our clients to get in the minds of the decision-makers and make the necessary adjustments. Our players are prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead because they are informed at each step along the way. We provide our clients with every possible tool to help them  successfully reach their goals.


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Public Relations

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